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Welcome to the EHS Alumni website!

July 2017

I must apologize for not being on top of keeping this website up to date as of late. I took care of my disabled sister for 10 years and she died of medical negligence in 2012. Ever since then, I've been volunteering as a patient safety advocate and that takes a lot of my time. If you're interested, you can read about her story HERE. I hope to start working on some more yearbooks soon as I just ordered a new scanner.

Last month was the 9 year anniversary of this website! There are almost 2000 classmates in the Alumni Database. Additions have been picking up in the last few months and it would be great if you would contact your fellow classmates and get them to add themselves to the database. The more people that do, the more effective it will be. Also, make sure if you move or change your email or phone number, you make the change here as well.

The scanned yearbook section also seems to be a big success. I've received dozens of emails from alumni thanking me for this feature as they've either lost their yearbooks or had them stolen or damaged. Some never purchased them to begin with. I have a long way to go before making this section complete and I really need your help to do it. If you would like to add information to this website, contribute yearbooks, newspapers, reunion information, etc., please contact me at click here to email. Help in scanning the yearbooks and newspapers (and other items) would be greatly appreciated as well (if you have a large-size color scanner). There are a few yearbooks already posted so you can see what I'd like to accomplish. Several alumni have loaned their yearbooks to me to scan, and I really appreciate that. I try to scan them and get them back as quickly as I can, but each yearbook can take up to a week to scan.


**SPECIAL THANKS** to Gary Morris, class of 1978, for designing and executing the Alumni database for this website. He put in an enormous amount of work on it and still jumps to ever little fix and request I make of him. If you're in need of a web page design, Gary is your man! Click on his name above to go to his website.


Please read the PRIVACY POLICY and this article on internet privacy.


Finally, if you click on an link on any of these pages and make a purchase there, a portion of that sale will go to help defray the cost of this website. For instance, if you click on the music banner below and purchase a CD from Amazon, we'll get some money sent back to defray my costs in running this website!


Eric Andrist, Class of 80, Webmaster

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