This website, www.ehsgrads.org, is meant for the use of Eisenhower High School (Rialto, California) alumni and faculty only. However, on the internet, unless it is password protected, the information within is open to the world. This site is NOT password protected and the information within is searchable on the internet.


On this website we have an "Alumni Database" that collects our fellow classmates names, address information, telephone numbers and email addresses. Everyone has the option to make their street address, phone numbers and email addresses "private." We also display photographs and videos from yearbooks and past EHS events which may contain your likeness.


Having said this, everyone who submits their information here should know that most of your contact information is already available to view on the internet at websites such as whitepages.com, zabasearch.com, and many, many others. For a fee, one can find detailed information on sites such as www.peoplefinders.com. You should go to www.whitepages.com and type in your name and zip code and see what comes up...you'll be surprised.


We will NOT provide any of the information gathered on these pages to any mailing lists or commercial businesses. If a classmate wants to contact you, and your information is listed as private, we will at their request send a message to you. It will be up to you if you wish to respond to them. We will NOT give your information out if it is listed as "private" to individual classmates. We WILL give out your information to official EHS reunion committees so that they can send you information on upcoming reunions. If you wish to not receive such information, please inform the webmaster at the link below and have him mark your info as such.


If you wish to change any of your information, again, contact the webmaster at the link below.


This is the privacy policy for this website and I have no plans to ever change it. Should we find the need to make any significant change, you will be contacted at the email address you provided. We reserve the right to change small, insignificant items that do not reduce your privacy, items that strengthen your privacy, or typographical errors without having to contact you. We will only contact you if a change reduces your privacy.

By participating in this site, it is your responsibility to read this policy and know what it contains.

It is important that you check back from time to time to make sure your information stays correct so that we can contact you. It is your responsibility to keep your information correct and to mark it public or private.


This policy has been written on June 18, 2009 and is in effect as of 8:00 A.M. Pacific time, but its intent has been in effect since the beginning of this website.


Eric Andrist, Webmaster